SCALE - Symbolic Computation: Algorithms, Learning, and Engineering - is gathering together two of the main conferences in computer algebra, combined with summer schools and workshops. The goal is to bring the community together after two years of pandemic and rebuild the ties, especially for the benefit of early career researchers and postgraduate students.

There are currently five events in SCALE, with topics ranging from computer algebra to FPGA programming and from theoretical advances to software implementation.

SCALE is planning to support as many students and early stage researchers as possible to attend as many SCALE events as possible.

For details check financial support.

Online participation

SCALE (including ACA, CASC, Sagedays and the summer schools) is a face-to-face event.
Given that currently there are travel restrictions imposed in various countries, we offer the posibility of online participation.
In this case you should register for online participation here.


SCALE is an umbrella for many events (as listed above). There is a single registration point, where you can choose which events you wish to register for. In any case you will get certificates of attendance for SCALE. You will be provided with certificates of attendance for the individual events as well, in case your home institution requires them.

The registration fee covers lunch for the days of the events you register and all expenses concerning SCALE (e.g. conference material).

The registration fee depends on how many events (weeks) you attend.

Registration type Single event Two events All events
Student 150€ 150€ 150€
Early (June 19) 250€ 300€ 350€
Full 300€ 350€ 400€
Online 150€ 150€
To register, please fill in this form.

Registration is now closed. For online participation register here

. The registration is complete only after the conference fees are paid. Thanks to grants from TMD (Turkish Math Society), we are able to support participants based in Turkey by subsidizing the conference fee. Participants able to pay the normal conference fee (e.g., from a project) are strongly encouraged to do so, allowing us to support more participants. Otherwise, participants affiliated with Turkish universities can pay 500TL for one event or 1000TL for all events, by deposit to the following account:
  • IBAN: TR93 0006 4000 0011 1871 5810 34
  • Name: Can Ozan Oğuz
clearly stating in the details of the transaction "SCALE 2022".

Organizing Committee

  1. Hadi Alizadeh (Student and ESR support)
  2. Tülay Ayyıldız Akoğlu (Workshops)
  3. Matthew England (CASC)
  4. Nursel Erey (CCA school)
  5. Fatma Karaoğlu (Finite Geometry school)
  6. Ilias Kotsireas
  7. Can Ozan Oğuz (Sagedays)
  8. Hülya Öztürk
  9. Veronika Pillwein (ACA)
  10. Dimitris E. Simos
  11. Elias Tsigaridas
  12. Ali Kemal Uncu (Treasurer)
  13. Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos (General Chair)

Local Committee

  1. Muhammed Ergen
  2. Fatmanur Esirci
  3. Ayten Gezici
  4. Aslıhan Gür
  5. Başak Karakaş
  6. Büşra Karadeniz Şen
  7. Gizem Süngü
  8. Şeyma Yaşar
  9. Fatih Yetgin


sponsor GTU
sponsor TMK

ACA-ERA 2022

The Applications of Computer Algebra Early Researcher Award 2022
Nominations Closing Date: June 23, 2022